Documenting Maine's Flora to Preserve its History and Support its Future
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The MAINE herbarium is a core facility for research, teaching and public service.

Our Mission is to:

Promote the discovery and documentation of Maine's Land Plants, Fungi, and Algae


The Herbarium is a critical facility for studies in systematics, floristics, biogeography, and genomics in Maine.

We also support research in forestry, agriculture, ecology, and climate change conducted across UMaine.


We are a key resource for courses that serve students from several UMaine programs, from botany to horticulture and wildlife ecology. The herbarium also provides opportunities for undergraduates to gain research experience.

Public Service

The herbarium identifies plants and fungi to support environmental assessment and studies of plant biodiversity.

We are also a repository of plants that are threatened and endangered in Maine.


Vascular Plants

Ferns, Conifers, and Flowering Plants

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Liverworts, Hornworts, and Mosses

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DNA & Tissue

DNA bank & silica preserved tissue


Dudu Meireles


Chris Campbell

Curator of Vascular Plants

Seanna Annis

Curator of Fungi

Susan Brawley

Curator of Algae

Jim Hinds

Curator of Lichens


The Friends of the University of Maine Herbarium formed in 1995 and meet monthly in the Herbarium to study Maine plants and fungi and to help with curation.

Curation primarily involves specimens and their preparation for insertion in the collections, repair, identification, protection from harmful insects, and databasing the information on their labels.

The Friends on the right includes professional botanists, students, and impassioned enthusiasts. Contact us to become a friend!

Support Us


Your contribution funds field expeditions, specimen preservation, and supports the next generation of Maine botanists.

Gifts to our endowment can be made in person or online through the University of Maine Foundation.


We welcome volunteers interested in learning about Maine's flora while assisting with curation.

Interested? The Friends of the Herbarium hold monthly meetings where we work with specimens and share knowledge about plants and fungi. Get in touch to join us!


Josselyn Botanical Society
School of Biology & Ecology
National Science Foundation


We are here for you!

Please contact us to schedule a visit, to give, or to join us.

University of Maine Herbarium

5782 Winslow Hall, Room 2

Orono, ME 04469-5782

(207) 581 4394